Candid Photoshoot

Candid Photoshoot

Candid Photography is the new Mantra

A photograph with a natural moment and which is not done with prior arrangements, poses, or special setups is known as Candid Photography. Well, Candid wedding photography is indeed different and unique from Traditional wedding photography wherein the subject was supposed to especially pose for the camera for every single click. In candid photography, since the subject is often unaware about being clicked, candid photography captures the most natural expressions of the subject. Many times a candid photographer either surprises the subject or distracts the subject’s attention in order to get that best click. A successful candid click is one that depicts the essence of the occasion in the photograph.


They call it a Wedding; we call it a Moment, a Moment to be Treasured Forever!

A wedding is a series of special moments in one’s life. The moments of love, trust, happiness, and celebrations. It is that time when someone starts a new life while the other one departs from her family. It is the moment of a lifetime. It is the moment to be cherished forever

Best of Candid Photography – The Clickur Moments

With years of expertise as candid wedding photographers, we know that every single moment in a wedding has the potential of becoming a masterpiece. The shyness of the bride, the courteous gesture of the groom, the excitement of the siblings, the blessing hands of the elders; all these expressions add to such lovely moments of a wedding. To miss on one would be like losing a momentary expression. That is why we try to steal those candid moments so that you can treasure them for you. Our highly experienced candid wedding photographers not only expertise in capturing those beautiful moments but they create masterpieces out of it.

Having worked with numerous families of different backgrounds has led us to understand what a wedding means to a couple, a family and relatives. That is why we, at – The Clickur Moments, are always on our toes to capture those lovely moments for you. We believe that weddings are a one-time affair, where there are no re-takes.

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