Catering Services

Catering Services

We provide cater to occasions from weddings to small parties. It will e your function and a taste experience you’ll never forget. Dedicated to providing clients with the finest in vegetable cuisine, these caterers specialize in preparing delicious cuisine. They also provide you with endless varieties of delicacies.

Services Offered

Our Art specializes in outdoor catering services for both banquets and also farmhouses, and it can easily serve 1000 guests at a time. It also offers comprehensive wedding services, from decoration to music and from beverages to crockery. This amazing catering company offers the perfect recipe of passion, experience, and creativity to make your wedding a memorable culinary experience. They will guarantee you a taste-filled journey on your big night. The cuisines offered by them are diverse, popular, and also creative and offer a lot of cuisines for you to pick from for your grand night.

They have a team that not only serves you on your big wedding night but also makes a lot of efforts to make your other events as delicious as this big event. You can count on them for all sorts of festivities and they promise to live up to the expectations. Some of the services offered by Lajwaab Culinary Art include the following:

Service Staff/ Servers
  • Crockery & cutlery
  • Glassware
  • Presentation and lighting for the food setup
  • Mineral water bottles
  • Soft beverages, juices, sodas, tonic
    Bartender & other bar services

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