Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding Photoshoot is both a practical and romantic photography session. On the practical side, it helps the photographer to understand the personalities of the bride and groom, know their preference for a particular angle for photography, and make them relax.
The romantic side is that pre-wedding brings alive the romance that formed the base of their wedding. It captures the courting days, meeting places, favorite meeting spots, their favorite dresses and close poses, which may not be possible during wedding celebrations.


In earlier days couples would see each other Ist time on their wedding day, but now the time is changed and wedding trends has also changed.
Now couples realize that wedding is a lifetime affair, so Everybody wants uniqueness in their wedding and pre-wedding photography and capture those precious moments by our unique, cinematography, videography and photography. So, they experiment a lot in their pre-wedding photoshoot, which is a one or two day shoot at different places with a short story

Uniqueness is possible when you hire best pre-wedding Photographer and Clickur Moments photographer is that who think creativeness during the pre-wedding shoot for you and consider your requirements. Our Best pre-wedding Photographer leaves that precious impression in the prewedding photography and videography with you with our unique prewedding films and scrapbook that you will be mesmerized.

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